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Welcome to my website


Looking forward to assist you in the entertainment field of Magic, a fascinating and amazing form of Art.

This type of Art requires a great amount of skill, Intuition, Psychology, dedication, an ability to discern, a sense of humour, lots of practice, a hunger to entertain and many other things.

For this reason I decided to launch this website to help us get closer and be able to serve you better.

It will act as a platform for us to share all details regarding my performances, and also help you get in touch with me for all your needs.

The Magic shows are dynamic, based on pure clean entertainment with lots of fun, of which includes comedy, participation, excitement, laughter galore, and guaranteed to amaze everyone that attends, performed in English and / or Afrikaans.

I have travelled the whole country, visited towns, cities, remote areas for the past 44 years, performing Magic shows for all ages at different events and venues, bringing loads of joy and happiness to people that weren't aware that such entertainment existed at all.

This website is based on less than 1% of past performance photos, with an extensive range of different kinds of Magic shows for adults and children, it will give you an idea of my experience(s ) as a Magician, and hopefully it will speak volumes, giving you peace of mind in your decision making.

Some of the content such as photos and newspaper articles are well be over 45 years old, giving a poor quality of wear and tear.  
Imagine supper being served at R3.00 per head at the Riviera Hotel in Durban, where I performed together with the band Copperfield early
1970'(s), advert to be seen on page " Newspaper Articles".

I enjoy adding a comedic touch to all my shows, it creates good crowd or audience participation, young and old folk feeling happy, enjoying themselves laughing, smiling, having a great time during the performances.  

For a "Variety or Extravaganza show" young talented female singers are sometimes invited to perform on my "Family" shows, creating a vivacious atmosphere much appreciated by the audience.

The Magic shows duration ranges from, Birthday parties and Nursery Schools 40 to 45min. , Primary/High Schools 1hr to 1hour 30min. , Corporate, Malls, Resorts, Churches and other shows 45min. to 1hr 30min.( as requested )
The "Exclusive Magic show" performed at the Theatre or Corporates, the duration is 1hour 30min. to 2 hours and comprises of beautiful medium size apparatus, purchased from all over the world, performed Cabaret style with background music, a "Partenaire" might be required to assist on stage.

Magic shows for birthday parties are very special of which the "birthday child" is treated like a star, he/she will demonstrate their hidden talents by performing a few Magic tricks, to the delight of friends and families. 

I enjoy performing for children, due to their concentration, they have an ability to live the show, interact with the Magician, giggling, laughing always ready to assist on stage when called. (or not) All of this is priceless

By booking a Magic show, you will receive no less than a Top Quality Professional performance, the fee(s) are very reasonable, unable to publish them all due to a variety of different shows in my repertoire.
If preferred, when making a booking, you may also request to have a young vocalist (if available) to sing on the show. 

To advertise the Magic show you are hosting, A2 Posters can be posted at no extra costs, (if required) or you may print pictures from the website for promotional purposes as-well. A copy of the Poster can be viewed on " Contact us" page.
Due to large, and extreme giant photos, you might experience a few seconds delay in opening certain page(s), "Testimonials" is on the same page as "Newspaper Article". ( Very interesting page )   

An interesting "About us" page to read, a pleasant and informative short description of my life history on how I become a Magician, the types of shows performed and many other things.

Please enjoy browsing though the website for a better insight and understanding concerning my shows, if time permits, visit my older website on http://mariothemagician.tripod.com or click the page "Holiday Resorts + Link "  bottom of the page you will find the link.  










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