I took interest in Magic at the tender age of 10 years old while boarding and attending White River Primary school. 
 "Tickey the famous Boswell Wilkie clown , used to come over on  
the odd Saturday evenning and entertain us scholars at the hostel. (1965)
When an assistant was required to assist him, I was the child that always volunteered to help with his antics.
The Magic tricks Tickey performed, were funny and entertaining, having enjoyed his performances so much, I decided to purchased a Magic book. (the rest is history)

He was  my great inspiration in becoming a Magician  and after 19 years from the time we met, Tickey and I performed  for a Christmas tree party at Eskom in Johannesburg.

My shows are dynamic, clean, exciting, full of surprises, comedy, participation 
....pure entertainment for all ages with lots of fun and laughter with a reportoire that keep audiences glued to their seats.

The audiences I perform for are children (kids) from 2 years and up , teenagers and adults.
 I have also performed at Nursery schools, High / Primary schools, Corporates, Furniture stores, Hotels, Clubs ( cabaret shows) Restaurants, Casino's, Boats,
Shopping centres, Malls, Holiday Resorts, Festivals, Libraries Birthday parties for children, teenagers and adults, Christmas Tree parties, recreation clubs, Charities, Fundraising and many other shows.

My involvement in the Art of Magic is approximately 53years.
I travel on tours to all corners of the country entertaining to thousands of people of all age groups and have shared the stage with many famous South African singers,Comedians, Magicians, Musicians and have also entertained high profile people. 

While residing in Durban for eight years in the late 1970s, I joined a Magic society called 'SAMS' ( South African Magical Society) ... still a member for over 40 years, in 1981 I joined   a Magic club in Pretoria called PMS ( Pretoria Magic Society ). 
On the left side at the top are my two full membership badges awarded by each of the society's. 

One of the highlights of my carrer was when I performed for the blind people  in Durban in the late 1970's .. When asked about the show, the blind audience said they were very happy and enjoyed the performance tremendously.   

I'am a versatile Magician and comfortable performing all types of Magic such as: Close up ( sleight og hand ) Comedy, Mental ( mind reading or tricks with the mind ) serious Magic, Cabaret ( also using background music).
I hope you enjoy browsing through my website... I 'am just a phone call away to come and entertain wherever you are.

Please browse through my " Tripod" website for more information and pictures with a full discription and explanation on the different types of  Magic shows. 



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