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Colé van Dais

Colé van Dais is a popular  independent National and International artist who 
has performed thousands of shows all over the world to packed audiences. She has performed in South Africa, Namibia, England, Scotland, the Isle of   Skey, Europe, the Mediterranean Islands and Seychelles.                                                                                                                                                                           
Colé has perfomed for Corporate functions, Casinos, Festivals, Theatres,   
 Schools, Hotels, Holiday Resorts and many other venues.                          Also had the privilege of sharing the stage with famous international and      local artists such as The Village People, Julian Marley, George Harrison         (Beatles), Peter Strycher (Freddie Mercury ex partner), Michaela (Malta's    pop idol world song contest), Ladysmith Black Mambaso, Malaika, Mango    Groove, Watershed, Cucumber Zoo, Henry Ate, Just Ginger, Patricia Lewis,  Boo (Chris Chameleon), Steve Hofmeyer and many other artists.                                                                                                                                                   l                       
She sings both origional songs and covers by popular artists, as well as doing
tributes of ABBA, Madonna and the 80's and the The James Bond Golden Hits. 

Not only is she an accomplished indie singer, but international TV presenter, 
having recently presented The Eurovision 2012 having shown in 26 countries.  Also presented for SKY TV in London since 2005 with a show called " Mind      body spirit ".                                                                                       Colé has also done modelling and acting work in musicals such as Cinderella,    Grease and played Prince Harry's girlfriend in his documentary, Prince Harry    Laid Bare.                                                                                         

Highlights includes performances at International festivals such as " The 35th Anniversary of independence of Seychelles, UK at the Ukkasie festival, Earls-court festival (biggest street Carnival in Europe), Edinburgh festival, at Pizza  
on the Park, Holiday resort and Hotel tour.                                                                                                

Mário and Colé will also be hosting your next family Extravaganza show together at various venues across the country.
The performance will include Mário the Magician's amazing Magic tricks with fun and laughter and Colé's golden voice as your vocalist.  

Please contact us for bookings for your next event.  

Colé in action



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